Decorative finishes are not just for walls and ceilings. Many are also suitable for furniture, accessories, cabinetry, mouldings, even some unexpected surfaces like the exteriors of clawfoot bathtubs. Even a simple decorative finish can turn something nice into something extraordinary.

All prices are determined on a per project basis. Each project's price is based on materials & processes used on a client-approved sample board.

Every effort is made to ensure minimal impact on our environment. Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc. uses water-base and low-VOC products; reuses applicators and protective supplies; and employs low-waste cleaning methods whenever possible. All disposal is in full accordance with the law and products and containers are recycled whenever possible.

Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc.'s products are the creative efforts of me, Tara Fields. I was an accomplished hobbiest for several years, completing projects for myself which inspired family and friends to recruit me for their projects. I have been a licensed contractor in Oregon since February 2003.

Oregon Construction Contractors' Board (CCB) License #154403. This licensure requires liability insurance and bonding.

Every effort has been made to ensure images on the website accurately represent the actual finishes, but computer monitors have their limitations. Nothing replaces experiencing the interplay of light, color and texture of these techniques in person. To make an appointment to discuss your project call (503-803-6167) or email ( me.

Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc. encourages those considering hiring construction professionals to contact the CCB and the Better Business Bureau.